Our Process...

Performance review

To ensure that every trailer is tailored to meet the varied and specific needs of our clients, our experienced sales team undertake a full performance consultation to obtain all the information required to design and build a trailer to meet and exceed client expectaions of optimal performance and handling.

Design and finite elemental analysis

Every design has a stress review and beam analysis completed via our specially designed engineering programmes. All reports are then sighted, confirmed and approved by an independant engineer prior to production. 3D design is used to develop industry leading new initiatives in lightweight and long lasting trailers.

Steel Preparation

With our own steel preparation facility, Domett utilises laser profile cutting for less stress on the steel and this in-house stage provides a seamless transition from design to production where QC is monitored from both the design and production teams.

Production phase 1 and 2

Phase 1 of production includes the tack assembly of the trailer utilising laser aligned jigs to minimise heat straightening. Following strict QC approval the full assembly of the trailer involves rotating the trailer through 180˚ to ensure that down hand welding is applied for maximum weld strength.

Painting and finishing

Preparation is the key for all painting jobs. The first phase is to check over all fittings and weld detail prior to relocation to the paint shop. The next part is to abrasive blast all bare steel to enable the longest life of the following paint system. At this stage any sealing is completed. Then onto applying high build primer to give the best overall surface for top coating. The final top coats are completed to individual fleet colour requirements.

Delivery and post sales support

Following delivery of our trailers, our post sales support includes regular follow up from our sales team and your own on-line trailer specifications page on our website with a comprehensive record of trailer specifications, warranties and parts.